Dental Bonding can be used to improve the appearance of your smile. Unsightly chips and small gaps between teeth can make a smile look older than it really is. Any tooth can be easily repaired with the bonding process. Teeth Bonding is usually completed in one easy visit and can make you look years younger allowing you to smile with confidence.

Dental bonding is a dental procedure which is quick and pain free alternative to more complicated and comprehensive dental treatments such as dental crowns, dental bridges, dental veneers, teeth whitening and even orthodontics. With tooth bonding, we can repair cracks, gaps between the teeth, chips or even cover stained teeth to enhance the natural beauty of your smile. Instead of prosthesis fabrications, which require some tooth reduction, dental bonding can be provided to the patient for the same purpose.

Patients who are dealing with the following issues can surely benefit from a properly performed tooth bonding treatment:

  • After severe gum recession, the roots of the teeth may become exposed and dental bonding can repair and protect any exposure to prevent sensitivity.
  • Teeth bonding can be used to repair any cracked, crooked or chipped teeth.
  • A diastema or space/spaces in between teeth can be closed by a dental bonding procedure.
  • An old filling is not exactly expected to last throughout the patient’s life and when old fillings fail, they may be replaced to resolve leaks, cracks and fractures.
  • Teeth bonding can sometimes be prescribed to stabilize tooth or teeth that have become loose.

Composite resin material is applied and sculpted to mimic and obtain the most aesthetic and natural tooth form. The resin is afterwards hardened and polished for the maximum effect.

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