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No matter how diligent one is in practicing good oral hygiene, most people will end up with a dental cavity or dental caries at some point in their lives. Generally, treating a cavity entails the dentist removing any decay and then filling in the tooth area that has been removed. There have been many advancements in dental technology over the past few years, allowing clients more options and choices pertaining to their approach to fillings..

Cosmetic Fillings

Our team of dedicated and skilled dental professionals proudly offers the very latest in dental technology and treatments, including cosmetic fillings. Most people have had experience with traditional amalgam fillings, or the familiar silver or gold tooth fillings. These types of fillings are very effective, but are also very noticeable, and they tend to darken in color over time. Composite resin dental fillings are a less conspicuous alternative to traditional amalgam fillings. Composite resin dental fillings are comprised of unique plastic dental resin that allows dental fillings to blend in with the rest of the tooth. Composite fillings are durable, strong and very natural looking.

People with a cavity in a tooth or caries, mercury or amalgam fillings, or broken fillings are often ideal candidates for cosmetic fillings. Older metal fillings can be easily replaced with more attractive colored fillings. Come speak to a cosmetic dentist at Grace Dental Image Center to discover what we can do for the look of your smile.

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