Invisalign - An Alternative To Braces

Invisalign has revolutionized the teeth alignment process, designed to gradually shift the teeth to the desired position and convert them into the perfect smile. Apart from being cost effective and almost painless, Invisalign clear aligners also offer a hassle free and hygienic way of straightening the teeth.

They are more comfortable as they are easily removable - one can easily brush and floss like pre-treatment days and eat and drink according to your desires. Food particles do not stick around like they do with traditional braces. Invisalign can also be removed for special outings.


Invisalign clear braces offer many benefits for our patients seeking to straighten their misaligned teeth.

Advantages of Invisalign include:

  • No dietary restrictions.
    Your aligners can be removed any time you want to have a snack or enjoy a meal.
  • No discomfort.
    The aligners are made from comfortable plastic that fit over your teeth. They won’t irritate your gums.
  • No adjustments.
    You’ll spend less time in the dental office because you won’t need to get wires adjusted or ensure your braces fit correctly.
  • No hiding your smile.
    The aligners are clear and practically invisible. Chances are no one will know you're wearing braces!
  • No difficulties cleaning!
    You can take off your aligners to brush and floss, and then you can use lukewarm water and your toothbrush to scrub your aligners.

An alternative way of getting that perfect smile that you always desired is through Invisalign clear aligners, custom molded for you to ensure an exact fit. Now you can easily be proud of straight teeth without having to wear braces.

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